ESA Contact Number: 0843 504 7178

Speak to a benefits advisor at Jobcentre Plus about ESA by contacting them on phone number 0843 504 7178, 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

ESA (Employment & Support Allowance) is proof that the UK government is dedicated to protecting the interest of its people. ESA is a form of financial aid that is distributed to citizens of the UK who are eligible – eligibility being the inability to work or provide for oneself or one’s dependants due to the debilitating effects of an illness or diseases. Not being able to work for a living may ultimately mean death for the individual affected that’s why the UK government has taken steps to ensure that her citizens don’t become totally helpless.

The ESA benefits will be useless if the intended beneficiaries or claimants wouldn’t be able to receive the allowance due to some kink in the system. This is why the customer support in place for the ESA is very streamlined; after all, these beneficiaries are disabled or otherwise incapacitated by their sickness.

If you are a claimant or a representative of one and are in need of assistance with your initial benefits claim of ESA, then you can call their support lines on 08000 55 66 88 (from within the UK) or on 08000 234 888 via textphone. If you prefer to speak with their Welsh-speaking representatives, then you can contact them at 08000 121 888. These phone lines are open on weekdays from 8am to 6pm.

You can also get a print out of the ESA1 form here, fill it in and submit it to a Jobcentre Plus office nearest you. You can locate a Jobcentre Plus office by visiting here You can also contact them here for non-urgent queries, as they typically take several days to get back to you using this avenue of communication.

If you have any queries regarding your existing claims and benefits you can contact them on 0345 608 8545, or 0345 608 8551 via textphone or at 0345 600 3018 for support in Welsh. Please have your National Insurance Number and date of birth ready when contacting these numbers.

If your benefits have been reduced or you have received a sanction letter or a decision letter, you can write to them using the address on the letter and explain your side of the story. Ask for a mandatory reconsideration and explain why you believe the decision is not justified. They’ll send you a response in the form of the ‘mandatory reconsideration notice’ stating whether or not the decision has been overturned. If you’re asking for mandatory reconsideration after a month has lapsed from the date of the decision, it is advised that you call them first. The number is on the decision letter sent.